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Mega Man, put that down

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it goes after The Last Specter but before Miracle Mask.

ohh ok thanks, I’ll get to it eventually then

Where does the Professor Layton movie fit into the chronology of the games though? I’ve heard it’s referenced in the later ones so I want to go in order

Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright is really, really good though, and this is coming from someone who has only played 10 minutes of a proper Layton game (definitely going to go back to them though)

People who have been missing Maya should absolutely 100% get it, like, immediately, but even outside of that it’s a really fun story with lots of great art and character designs

phoenix couldn’t even beat layton i’d think we know who deserves to be in smash better.

To be honest after seeing what he can actually do in a fight I’d honestly want both of them

clearly all of these leaks are actually crazy viral marketing

in a couple of days there’ll be a new Nintendo Direct which opens with OBJECTION as Phoenix Wright points out every single discrepancy and contradiction in the screenshots and footage, and then punches Fox in the face or something because he’s the true new fighter

Album Art


17. A Quiet Time ~VS Arrange ver. (x)

Artist西浦 智仁
Title静かな時間 ~VS アレンジver.
Albumレイトン教授VS逆転裁判 魔法音楽大全