Ok so it turns out one of the Smash Bros demo codes I was holding onto couldn’t be used by that person, since US 3DS isn’t compatible

so I have one more going, but I need to make it super clear that it won’t work on anything other than a European 3DS, just to save any potential disappointments

so if you’re in/know someone in Europe and want access to the Smash Bros demo, drop a message in my ask box and I’ll send it to you

The two Smash Bros demo codes have been taken!

and I once again disappear into the night

breaking my little tumblr hiatus to say I have two Smash Bros demo codes spare (which might only work with UK systems, I’m not sure though)

the first two people who send me a picture of a sad Solid Snake will get them in their ask box

see you soon dude and GOOD LUCK not getting spoiled!!

haha I’m pretty confident I’ll wind up seeing the roster within the day of it being uploaded, tumblr or no tumblr

really I just want to avoid hearing about specific character tweaks, assist trophies, stages, and unlockables, which I don’t think should be quite as difficult

but yeah thanks, will be back in no time

ok so I guess now Smash Bros is in the hands of folks in Japan it’s time I took tumblr break until it’s out in the west

I’m still hyped and excited, and I’m glad everyone else is too, but sometimes for me things get super oversaturated and I totally lose interest (lookin’ at you, Hyrule Warriors)

so rather than complain or whatever I’m just gonna vanish (mostly) till October 3rd


The official Dai Gyakuten Saiban site has gotten a makeover to match this week’s news!

In addition to bringing some screenshots and art, the site states a new trailer for the game will be revealed a week from today.

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Fox Engine is the future.

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Some quick random idle animation while waiting for Ness to be offically confirmed… only a few days left
I really want him to be introduced in a video though, now wouldnt that be cool.

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With every passing day fans are getting more and more excited for the future of the Kingdom Hearts series. WithKingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- right around the corner and Kingdom Hearts 3 in development for the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One.

Square Enix have released 3 high quality images of the Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- box art, showcasing what it looks like on the box, and the limited edition pin fans can receive for FREE with their pre-order of the game.

Tumblr has a file size limit, so be sure to view the full sized images on our website!


get away from me you


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