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Illus. 有田満弘 & 杉森建

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Seriously though Broken Sword 5 has some fantastic art going on

Album Art
ArtistMike Morasky
TitleCara Mia Addio
AlbumPortal 2: Songs to Test By - Volume 3
Album Art
ArtistKoji Kondo
TitleTitle/Ending [Super Mario World]
AlbumSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST

I feel so sorry for all the voice actors involved in Conception 2


An Albatoss and Bob Bomb from Super Mario Bros 2. From the Doki Doki Panic help guide.

I love Broken Sword

I love Broken Sword

Conception 2 has some really cool things about it but then I realise that its just one giant innuendo joke and I don’t think I could handle that for 40 hours